What We Do

MERU design and manufacture unique, assistive products for disabled people.

As a charity we are able to develop products which wouldn’t normally be commercially viable.  In this way we are able to help people who may have very specific or complex needs.

Our products are designed and manufactured by our design engineers in our Epsom workshops, with the help of our dedicated volunteers.  We work with families, individuals, health and social care professionals and other organisations to ensure that our products are designed for purpose.

Our services are grouped into three areas:

Ready Made Products and Toy Adaptations:

We produce a range of ready-made disability products that are all inspired by requests through our custom made service.  We also have a wide range of switch adapted toys. These products are available to buy via our web shop.  Some of our larger or more complex designs are available to purchase on a made to order basis. Proceeds from the sale of Ready Made items are used to fund our free charitable services.  Please see our MERU shop for our full product range.

We also offer a switch toy adaptation service where families can send in up to 5 interactive toys at a time to be adapted for use with switches. This service is offered free across the UK, with a flat rate £8 charge made to cover return postage costs.  Please see our Switch Adapted Toys page for more details.

MERU Bugzi Loan Scheme:

We manufacture Bugzi, a very small powered wheelchair suitable for children under 5 that we loan out for free across the UK.  We work with partners around the UK to provide Bugzi assessments close to home.  Bugzi gives children the chance to move independently – often for the first time – and is an excellent learning tool for acquiring control and cause and effect skills.  Please see our Bugzi Loan Scheme page for more information.

Bespoke Equipment and Equipment Modification:

We design one off items for individuals where there is no suitable product on the market.  The process of designing and manufacturing from scratch is very in-depth and where possible we try to adapt existing equipment.  Due to the contact time required to perfect bespoke equipment we normally offer this service within the South East of England only.

If you would like more information about any of our services, please follow the link to contact us.