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Send in your child’s toys in for free switch adaptation



MERU Button Switch with mount and perspex cover

A bright colourful 65mm switch with an audible 'click' for feedback with 3.5mm jack plug.

Compatible with all our switch adapted toys.

Pack size: 1 switch per pack


MERU adapt toys for use with access switches, to make them easier for children with disabilities to use.

Our volunteers carry out the work for free, but we ask that the return postage is paid for, as we have limited resources and this enables us to help as many people as possible.  The cost for P&P for adapted toys is £8.

To pay for the postage, please add this ‘item’ to your shopping basket and go through the checkout procedure.

Please pay for your postage online, print off the receipt and send it to us with your toys.  Alternatively you can send us an email or letter with details of the toys you are sending in.  Please remember to include your name and address with your toys!

It is currently taking us about 10 days from receiving the toys to adapting them and returning them to you.  If for any reason we are unable to adapt a toy you have sent in we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss any options.

As a general guide, we are able to adapt toys that are battery operated where it is possible to replace the batteries.  Please bear in mind that toys which spin or move away from the child are unlikely to be suitable to adapt as the switch lead will become entangled or pulled out.  For safety purposes we are unable to adapt products that are mains powered.

Switch adaptation involves adding a lead to the toy with a small jack socket on the end.  Any switch with a 3.5mm jack plug on the lead can be plugged into the socket.  Pressing the switch will activate the toy.  If your toy has several functions (buttons), we may add several leads to it.  Each lead will replicate the function of one of the buttons, so if for example pressing the right paw of your toy dog makes it bark, and pressing the left makes it walk, the two leads we add will allow you to connect two switches so that your child can operate both the bark and the walk functions.

If you would like to make an additional donation towards this service, so that more children can benefit, please click here.

If you encounter any issues with this, need advice or would like us to explain any aspect of the service, please call us on 01372 725 203 or email

Thank you!


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MERU Button Switch with mount and perspex cover


Red (1772), Yellow (1819), Blue (1836), Green (1828)

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