Glitter Lamp

£12.50 £8.00

  • Colourful glitter lamp.
  • Glitter filled liquid swirls inside.
  • Mains powered.
  • Approximately 35 cm ta
  • This product has not been switch adapted.
  • Shipping to UK Only.


Add an instant touch of colour and sparkle to any room with one of this gloriously groovy Glitter Lamps. Just plug it in and flick the switch to turn on the bulb. What starts as a slightly dim glow soon lights up to a bright illumination as the bulb heats up and causes the glittery liquid to swirl inside the lamp. It’s a fantastic retro mood piece for any room of the house and is perfect should you want to just kick back and chill. Available in pink and blue designs.


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Blue (1103), Pink (1104)

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