Q. Where are your products made?

A. All of our products are made by volunteers/ student design engineers/ engineers in house at MERU in Epsom, Surrey.

Q. When is the last date for receiving orders before Christmas 2018?

A. We will continue to dispatch orders right up to Friday 21st Dec. However, our courier company have advised that parcels sent after Tues 18th Dec may not arrive in time for Christmas due to the increased volume of deliveries during the festive period.

Q. Can I use MERU's switches to operate a computer?

A. The Moozi and the Popz switches can be converted into a USB mouse using a woodpecker USB http://www.techcess.co.uk/woodpecker.php

Q. Can I use other devices such as a Samsung galaxy with my Flexzi?

A. All Flexzis are supplied with an extra soft pad which can be mounted to any clean, smooth surface. This means that as long as your device is less than 1.5kg and has a flat surface to allow good adhesion for the loop pad, it will be suitable for the Flexzi 3. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the surface of the device and rigorously rub the loop soft pad. If you are worried and need any advice please do not hesitate to contact us!

Q. What are the weight limits of each of the Flexzis?

A. Flexzi 1 with 10 segments: 0.5kg
Flexzi 2 with 10 segments: 1kg
Flexzi 3 with 16 segments: 1.5kg
Flexi 3 Desktop with 10 segments: 2kg

Q. Can I use a Flexzi 1 or a Flexzi 2 in order to mount my iPad?

A. We recommend that a Flexi 3 is necessary for I-pad mounting. The Flexi 3 can take up to 1.5kg. An I-pad weighs 0.7kg. But consider the case (0.3kg) and the weight of somebody pressing on the surface, the weight limit soon exceeds that of a Flexi 1 or 2. So we wouldn’t recommend this as a safe option.

Q. Can I make my Flexzi longer?

A. Yes but it will reduce the amount of weight that it can hold.

Q. Can I make my Flexzi stronger?

A. Try twisting the strands. Do this by holding the bottom firmly and twisting the top. If it still isn’t strong enough, try removing some segments by un-popping the joints! Also note that the Flexzi is stronger when a load is applied vertically, if it keeps ‘flopping’ try changing where it is mounted.

Q. Which clamp should I buy?

A. The eco clamp is the cheaper option, however you may be slightly restricted by the clamping distance, thicker surfaces will require the heavy duty clamp. The eco clamp can span 30mm or 1.18 inches and is suitable for tubular and square tubes.

The heavy duty clamp is… heavy duty! It can span a further distance, to 55mm or 2.17 inches. The heavy duty clamp is capable of higher torque therefore a tighter grip on surfaces. There is a small insert that can convert the clamp’s feet from a flat, to a V shape, accommodating flat surfaces and circular tubes respectively. The insert is located on the back of the clamp and can be removed by unscrewing the black handwheel.

Q. How much do you charge for delivery?

A. After we have received your order we aim for the goods to be delivered within 5-7 days. All orders sent to UK mainland addresses are sent on a next day delivery service.

We use UK Mail couriers who charge according to regional zones:

Zones A and B: Mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Delivery here is £5.

Zone C: Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland. Delivery here is £9.50.

Zones D, E and F: UK Islands, Republic of Ireland, Western Europe (mainland). Delivery here is £12.

Zone G: Gibraltar and Non EU (mainland). Delivery here is £10.

Zones H and I: Eastern Europe, Turkey, Canada and USA. Delivery here is £20.

Rest of World: Delivery here is £80.